Wisconsin Legislature strikes mask order; Governor reinstates four hours later

It is difficult to understand what legislators, who voted to eliminate the mask protections in Wisconsin, believe they’ll gain by their decision. Don’t they realize how many Wisconsinites could be harmed or die as a result of their vote? Assuming they’re not deliberately trying to kill Wisconsinites, do they really think “Individual Freedom” gives people the right to put their friends, family and community in harm’s way? Is their seat in Madison worth the lives of all those who have died and will die because our Legislature failed to take timely, effective protective actions? Don’t they feel any obligation to legislate for the well-being of all Wisconsinites in situations like this?

The Citizens of Wisconsin know better than these politicians who ignored the health and safety of those who live in our state. At least the folks in communities near me are anxious to avoid catching the Covid-19 virus.

Talk to your friends and neighbors; this is not a partisan political issue. It’s an issue of what is right vs. what is wrong, and what is good vs. what is bad for the people in our communities and state.

Ask yourself, “what would your mother say about keeping your family and neighborhood healthy? What would Jesus do or say?” Neither would approve of the actions that we saw the majority of our legislators in both the Assembly and Senate take last week. Let them know our health is important to us!  Nobody loves wearing masks, standing six feet away from your friends, or washing our hands so many times a day that they dry out, but the safety of our family, friends and neighbors is more important than what we like. It’s what we have to do to in order to do the right thing.

Wisconsin has primary elections on February 16th and regular elections on April 4th. Be sure to vote on these days. But before you vote, ask yourself, “what’s the best thing to do for families, and people in our community?”  Then cast your vote for the candidate(s) who’ll do what’s right!