“My plan is for the working people”. He told journalist. “No, I don’t benefit”, and further added, I think there’s very little benefit for people of wealth.” Do you really believe the lies, lies, lies of the president?

Number 1 thing to remember is that he gets so called intelligence briefings and reports in little bits and pieces. Tillerson called him an expletive moron and former general Mc Masters stated recently he has “a 12 second attention span of a kindergartner and is an idiot.” No one ever takes him to task on policy, because he doesn’t read anything of policy and would fail any test of real knowledge on the policy’s substance and details.

He does not need to go any further than promoting policies emphasizing his racist views and those of the ALT Right. So, to take his tribe or, followers, views away from the heinous tax reform that will hurt them and their families and probably create a recession, he decides to kick the Haitians out. They were given a home here because theirs was destroyed and not once but twice. The same with Nicaraguans.

This is the game plan and always will be: Hurt the people as much as you want, so long as you make them feel superior to another group, or for the president any other race than white. Even if those of the other race are more qualified, it is irrelevant because you, my faithful sheep, are always better. But, not better to the point where you get a fair share of the American Dream. For you the Dream is that if you are white, you are better than the other races.

This is the Keep the Race Hate Engine Stoked and the sheep, as he sees you, will follow Their leader to Hell. We have seen this played out over and over throughout history. Why is any Democrat in Alabama worse than a Republican pedophile like Roy Moore? Because Roy Moore is a staunch, unwavering racist to whom even the female racist Governor shows her irrational fear by supporting the unqualified monster.

Show him and his enabling ruling Republicans, they can’t keep sticking it to us. Be rational and vote Democratic for a sane, rational, and Constitutional government! And protest this truly evil tax plan which will harm millions and increase the deficit over a trillion.