What Happened To the Notion of Us? A Declaration of Action

  • Constitution

What is to become of us as a nation? Do we talk about each other in those terms or do we talk about how we function as a nation as “us and them.” I am not blameless. My worldview has been shaped by my experiences. I am human and I am guilty of viewing those on the other side of the political fence as having little empathy for others.

But deep in my heart, I do not want to believe it to be this way.

We are all being played – played by the Koch Brothers, the 1% ers and their ilk. We are constantly bombarded that “others” are to blame – the poor, the Unions, the teachers or insert your identified villain of the day here _________. We are being played for fools in a bait and switch game by the rich, the corporations and the greedy among us.Corporations are not people

It comes down to a common denominator – greed. How much money is too much money for the moneyed interest? The 1% ers have bought our National government. They have bought the Supreme Court. They are well on their way to buying state and local governments and we have been too apathetic to vote and reject this attack on the middle class and on democracy itself.

But I pledge to stand and fight back. Doing nothing is not an option. There is too much at stake.

John Spiegelhoff was formerly the Staff Representative of Wisconsin Council 40 AFSCME in Merrill, WI. He now holds a similar position with Minnesota Council 65 AFSCME in Worthington, MN.