We are entering 2017. Somewhat to our own surprise, we at Middle Wisconsin are in our sixth year of publishing. For better or worse, those six years have witnessed remarkable history. Through it all we have had a wonderful readership. Many of you have been following our work since we began. We have received heartfelt support and encouragement, and have often heard how much we are appreciated. We simply want to take a moment to say thank you.

Thank you for all the kind words and thoughts you have sent our way, and thank you for reading and spreading our work. It is much appreciated.

As we enter the New Year we are going to be making some changes at Middle Wisconsin. We will continue publishing as always. We welcome work from those of you who may wish to submit articles or letters. But one of our first new policies is to grant permission for people to use and reprint our work in other publications and newsletters. We ask that the simple guidelines shown below be followed. A statement similar to this will now appear at the bottom of our Home Page.

Please feel free to pass along or reprint the work of Middle Wisconsin. All we ask is that you follow these easy steps:

1. Credit Middle Wisconsin and the author for the article.

2. Do not alter, change or add to the material.

3. Do not reprint images used by Middle Wisconsin

4. Notify us where you are reprinting an article by email at http://www.middlewisconsin. org/contact/.

Another policy change we are making is to simply open the door for contributions. It costs Middle Wisconsin about $35 per month to operate. It is obviously a minimal amount and we have always managed come up with the funds. We will continue publishing no matter what, but if any are so inclined, we would welcome even the smallest donations. Checks should be made out to Middle Wisconsin and sent to:

Dave Svetlik at 1750 Tonawanda Road, Kronenwetter, WI 54455

Once again, thank you to all. May we all have a hopeful and productive New Year.