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By Joyce Luedke

An August 25, 2015, editorial in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel states: “As we suspected, a state audit released last week found no major problems with Wisconsin’s nonpartisan Government Accountability Board, which handles ethics complaints and supervises state elections.

Of course, you wouldn’t know that from the rhetoric coming from Republicans in the Legislature, some of whom want to gut this government watchdog.  Citizens of this state need to send them a strong message: NO.

When even the MJS writes an editorial asking citizens to speak up to support the GAB and what it is doing, we know that the party in control is abusing its powers.  “We the people” are no longer heard. It is obvious the GOP will do away with any watchdog that shines sunlight on the corruptionMagnifying Glass over paper that has taken place since 2011.  The party in control has no shame.

The question: Has the state of Wisconsin become a corrupt state is explored by three different authors.

Dave Zweifel’s Plain Talk reminds us of the history of clean government in Wisconsin.

U. S. Senator Gaylord Nelson had a story in the Capital Times printed in the Congressional Record in the 1970’s.  The article exposed a “state legislator who had accepted free drinks and a meal from a lobbyist for a total back then of about 25 bucks

This explains why Wisconsin has clean government, Nelson said.  No one tolerates public officials cashing in on their jobs—even $25.”

An article, Has Wisconsin Become a Corrupt State? , in the Shepherd Express written by Louis Fortis and Lisa Kaiser reviews extensively the actions Audit Labelof the party in control of all branches of government in Wisconsin since 2011.  This article is a must read for all citizens to illustrate just how far Wisconsin has fallen in five short years.

Mike McCabe of Blue Jean Nation also mulls the state of corruption in Wisconsin asking: “Who’d have thought 20 years ago that so many in Wisconsin would eventually answer this question with yes?”
Surely, the corruption and scandals that have taken place in Wisconsin should be of concern to all citizens in Wisconsin. Corruption by either party in control must be investigated and dealt with using all legal procedures.

As we are seeing in Wisconsin: “Power tends to corrupt.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord Afton