Sign Up for Health Insurance by Monday, March 31, 2014

Next Monday, March 31, 2014, is the last day for those without health insurance to sign up for health insurance for 2014.   If you, or someone you know, are not covered by health insurance you still have time.  You can sign up today by going to, or attending an enrollment event in your area:

Wausau Area:  Monday, March 31, 9AM to 7PM.  Bridge Clinic, 1810 N. Second Street, 715-848-4884
Saturday, March 29 – 10 AM to 2 PM.  Wausau Labor Temple, 318 S. 3rd Avenue, 715-848-3320

Rhinelander:  Friday, March 28 9AM to 6 PM.  Rhinelander Public Library, 106 N Stevens Street  715-365-1070

You can also find a person in your community to help you at

It’s important for people to at least begin the registration process by March 31, 2014.   Otherwise, unless there is a “qualifying event” folks will not be able to sign up for coverage until October 15, 2014 when the open enrollment period begins for coverage starting January 1, 2015.

There is premium support available.  83% of those who have signed up through the Marketplace were eligible for lower insurance premiums.

If you know of someone who is uninsured, or underinsured, please talk with them today about signing up for health insurance through the Marketplace.