Separation of Church and State

My strong Christian heritage has supported the Constitutional Amendment that separates church and state. My ancestors passed on the wisdom that this separation is necessary. Let me tell you why.

My family left their homeland because wealthy “people of faith” had taken over all religions, public services, the people’s money and their land. Those who resisted were killed in the name of The Church. Sadly, my uncle of several greats was beheaded before crowds. He had dared to stand up for fairness, respect for his neighbors and the common good.

Today we see some of these same “absolute practices” dictated from groups in our own communities, our state and across our country. Well- funded leaders speak religiously, but desire to control us, our votes, our government, public education, public services, our lands, resources and the money of our citizens. Wisconsin’s Democracy is in crisis as a result.

Now we are told our state has revenue surpluses, but no mention is made of the immoral destruction of public services that is being used to pay for these supposed “surpluses.” The dismantling of the one of the finest educational systems in the America is taking place in Wisconsin. The growing implementation of voucher and for-profit charter schools, all without any legal over-sight, is giving our precious tax monies to illegitimate pockets.

Public education is a constitutional right for all of our children. Tax dollars should not be flowing to religious or other groups who have no respect for traditional and constitutional separation of church and state. It is against the law and unconstitutional.