Gov. Walker signed into law his school safety plan. The plan gives $100 million to keep schools safe. The plan offers competitive grants to all school districts for security improvements to school building and staff training. His plan does not include any mention of gun safety. This plan offers a one-time, limited pot of money for building security.

What does the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association think of this proposal?

Here are recommendations from the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association.

  • “Do not arm teachers. We believe more harm than good would come of this.”
  • Do not have “armed guards” in schools. The ability to use lethal force in a school, should only be given to highly trained law enforcement officers.”
  • “The current system of public education safety is underfunded. Law enforcement should not be forced to operate under existing revenue caps when the public is clamoring for more safety for their children.”
  • The Safety Plan needs to provide sufficient funding for: trained, law enforcement school resource officers (SROs)

School security improvements

Mental health services

Trauma informed care

  • The Department of Justice to develop rules and guidelines for school safety plans and emergency procedures.”
  • Require schools to submit blueprints to local law enforcement agencies.
  • “Require universal background checks for all gun purchases.”
  • “Mandate mental health background checks for anyone under 21 prior to gun purchases.”
  • “Create a lethal violence protection order (LVPO process to remove guns from those who pose a lethal threat to themselves or others.”
  • “Reinstate 48-hour waiting period for gun purchases that was repealed in 2015.”

Please share these recommendations with your community and your legislators. A school safety package needs flexibility, comprehension and sustainability.

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(This information is from March 16, 2018 of the newsletter). (reprinted with permission)