Say NO to Lies, Hate, Fear, and Division

Say NO to the lies and the messages of hate, fear, and division that are showing up as ads on TV, Facebook, U Tube, and in your mailbox.  This Russian style propaganda is funded by Republican Billionaires wanting to scare you with lies about immigrants, inflation, and crime so you will vote for their candidates.  Their candidates will pass laws and govern in ways that are favorable to them at the expense of the rest of us.  They are masters of manipulation. Do not fall for this scam.  Your democracy, constitution, voting rights, freedom of speech, health care, social security, Medicare, public schools, national security, and the health of mother earth are all on the ballot.  They will all be safe with Democrats.  Republican Billionaires want rule by the rich not rule by we the people.  We cannot out spend them in Wisconsin, but we can out vote them.  If they want Russian style rule let them move to Russia rather than bring Russia to Wisconsin.  No matter your past voting record, please say NO to lies, hate, fear, and division and vote blue in ‘22 to save Wisconsin, a place we all love.  Let us keep it that way.