Save Social Security

Save Social Security

Social Security is being attacked. The Republicans are determined to turn Social Security into a cash cow for Wall Street and to destroy this extremely valuable and successful public insurance program.

Social Security is on the ballot this November. Republicans are spreading lies, fear, doubts and misinformation about the Social Security. If they win Social Security could be drastically changed or eliminated.

Your future is at stake.  Social Security works for all Americans providing vital old age retirement income, disability insurance and life insurance (survivor benefits for adults and children).


Two Ways You Can Help


1Share these videos with your family, & FaceBook friends


Social Security a Ponzi Scheme?


Social Security 5 Facts 5 Lies about your retirement



Strengthen Social Security… Don’t Cut It

From Social Security Works. See (


2)  Contact your elected representatives


Save – don’t cut Social Security



Protect Our Wisconsin Retirement Security