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(Enbridge has been sending over a million barrels of crude oil through its Route #66 Pipeline through Wisconsin, from Superior to Janesville.

It plans to add another pipeline to increase the flow. That is triple the amount of Keystone XL.

Walkers are traveling 20 miles a day, in an effort to educate the people on what is happening to our land, water and air. You can read more about it from Barb Heget’s blog.)

We are walking in roughly 20-mile, daily increments over the course of 33 days. Look at the map of the route we’re walking to see how close you are and then let us know if you want to help out in your region. We begin at the state line in lower Wisconsin and walk northwest against the flow of oil, ending in Superior. If you do want to lend a hand by hosting walkers for an overnight encampment or by hosting a potluck and listening session at your place, drop us a note here with your contact information.

Our walk along the Enbridge crude and tar sands pipeline system is to raise awareness about the proposed “Twin” line #66. This new line will follow the existing aging pipeline series, already transporting millions of barrels of toxic crude through the heart of the state daily, and intends to increase flow-through to a staggering 3+ million barrels a day, a volume triple that of Keystone XL!

People from the Menominee River Water Walk who are opposing the Back Forty Mine as well as people from the Sacred Water Sacred Land walk along the Route of the Enbridge Pipeline

What: Menominee River Walk and the Black Forty Mine Presentation and Update on the Sacred Water Sacred Land – 33 Days on Twin #66 – Walking the Enbridge Pipeline

When: Saturday May 21, 2012

Time: 12:30 pm – 5:00 pm Potluck at 12:30 pm, presentation and discussion to follow.

Place: McMillan Memorial Library 490 E. Grand Avenue Wisconsin Rapids WI

Directions: 4 blocks east of river or 4 blocks west of 8th Street on east Grand Avenue across from the Mead Hotel.

Please help in publicizing this event so we get a great turn out. We hope that we can bring many people together for this event who are committed to preserving our air, water, and land.

The culmination of the 33 Days on Twin#66 will be a celebration of Renewable Energy Independence Day on July 10th in Superior. You can participate in the walk itself, or as support volunteers along the route or even in your daily routine by taking the Virtual Walk and raising money for our cause.