Righteous, Right, Religious, Radical, Republicans

Schools are meant to prepare students from preschool to college for their future jobs as well as life. The recent Wausau School Board decision to change the curriculum to meet the needs of their School Board members is a gross miscarriage of their job duties. They are ignoring the outcries from the majority of constituents against their outdated ideas. Having abstinence being the only method taught for contraception, taking out learning about sexually transmitted diseases, and advocating only adoption, etc. is not only a very narrow religious point of view of School Board members, but it is not educating students on life. This miscarriage of education I fear is only the beginning of the School Board’s outdated point of view on what should be taught in the curriculum guidelines.

Just a few months ago, when Covid 19 was raging and killing off people, these same School Board members advocated to go without masks for the student population. They were willing to risk teachers, school staff, and children’s lives because masks were too cumbersome and their right to not wear masks during an airborne pandemic was infringed upon. This risk for them translated into the Righteous Right Religious Radical Republicans spending over $25,000 on fancy brochures and smear campaigns on other candidates not in their group just for the chance to advance their minority of narrow minded opinions on others.

I am with the majority of people and do not trust this school board. Changing curriculum policy and not really meaning it, just doing it to match a guideline given someplace is dangerous. Students will learn some other way other than in a controlled classroom with knowledgeable competent people advising them. They will learn like many people of my generation have “in the streets”. The results for some students will be unplanned babies and diseases, I guess that is where the adoptions and orphanages come in or single parents struggling to make ends meet. Oh, I forgot those things are taboo to talk about with Righteous Right Religious Radical Republican School Board members.

I’m predicting the next steps, for the Wausau School Board, will be to look at textbooks and library books and start burning books that make you think, bring in diversity, or tells the actual history and not rewritten based on the narrow minds of the board members. Maybe the King James Bible will be the only book allowed in the library.  Science will come under fire since it did under the pandemic when some people believed here say and not actual scientific fact. Governor DeSantis and others will not be so far off and laughable – they will be here in Wausau on the School Board.

Then the board members will go ballistic and listen to teachers in classrooms to have them state the right acceptable things and opinions. It will be Big Brother listening, firing and jailing teachers for expressing or allowing students to express themselves. The Righteous Right Religious Radical Republicans are already doing this in classrooms in Arizona, Florida, and Texas. It will be difficult to keep and find good teachers. Only to allow privatization of whoever they can find to work as teachers, not experts but warm bodies. The same parents that voted for these people on the school board will now be paying for education for their children, because private school is not protected by the law only public-school education.

In the end, the direction this School Board is taking steps to teach kids less and make them more unprepared for life. During the Spring Election this year, the voters went for fluff and fancy brochures and the children have lost. Maybe start protests at their houses and spray nasty words on their private yards just like it was done to prior school board members? We learned the nasty from others. Maybe a recall is in order?