Please support Assembly Bill 700 and Senate Bill 632 that would help protect Wisconsin’s drinking water.  

This bill passed into law would help ensure quicker communication between the DNR and health department and the county land and conservation department in counties where groundwater standards have been threatened by violations made by Discharge Elimination System permit holders.  The entire text of the short bill is HERE.

A case in La Crosse County revealed that the county and residents were unaware of a potential risk to groundwater contamination for 10 years.  This is only one example.  The bill requires the DNR to make its appropriate notifications within seven business days.

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Under this bill, if the Department of Natural Resources finds that the holder of a Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit has violated groundwater standards, DNR must notify the county health department and county land and conservation department in the county in which the permit holder is located and the county health department and county land and conservation department tin any adjacent county that DNR determines may be negatively affected by the violation.


The bill requires DNR to provide these notices within seven business days after confirming that a violation has occurred. The bill also allows DNR to establish, by rule, procedures for providing the required notice.


Finally, the bill requires DNR to create and maintain a notification system for notifying county health departments, county land and conservation departments and interested parties of the types of violations that trigger the notice requirement.


Thank you for protecting Wisconsin water.