Project 2025: Trump’s Roadmap to the American Takeover

Read it Yourself!!    

The Heritage Foundation and the 2024 Trump Election Team learned from what didn’t work in 2016 – 2020 and have decided to steal our government and democracy IF Trump wins.  How do we know?  Read it yourself in their 900-page report called “Project 2025” found at

We will “systematically march into office, bringing a new army of aligned, trained, and essentially weaponized conservatives ready to do battle against the deep state”.  2025 Project Director Paul Dans, Sept. 2023.

What will happen IF they gain power?   

**firing of 20,000 to 50,000 federal employees.   Ads already being circulated for Republican loyalist replacements.

**sustained attacks on womens’ reproductive health.  Major effort to criminalize the postal delivery of abortion pills and perhaps even contraceptives.

** climate change policies and agencies will be dismantled.  Major actions will include gutting of EPA and abolishing of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Fossil fuel use and development emphasized.

**immigration dealt with sharply through mass arrests, internment camps, and deportations.  The National Guard in red states will be deputized as immigration enforcement officers.

**  “get-even politics” will be a dominant theme.  Education and Commerce Depts. to be abolished.  DOJ and FBI will be overhauled and “radical Marxist prosecutors” fired.

Using Project 2025 for Our Benefit: No Time to be Silent!! 

The implications of Project 2025 are clear:  it is the creation of a cult-like, autocratic state where democratic checks and balances will NOT exist.  It is a power grab.  We have been given a gift in having access to this terrible plan, so PLEASE READ IT or the Wikipedia summary of it.   Concerns are all over the internet!

NEXT:  If you have family or friends who are on the fence about Biden or even voting this November, SHARE with them what you have learned about Project 2025 and its dangers.  THIS IS NOT A TIME TO STAY SILENT.  This is a crossroads moment for our country, and we can only stay America by doing an American thing:  standing up to defend our democracy and constitution. Won’t YOU stand up??