Please mark your calendar for May 15, Sunday, from noon til 4:30 p.m. for the Progressive Freedom Campaign at the Central Wisconsin Airport Conference Room.

Progressive Freedom Campaign is designed to help grassroots groups to organize and communicate effectively. Progressives throughout the state are connecting with each other. The workshop provides tools to put people and communities over power politics.

Real political change starts in local communities. Local people come together around shared progressive values. Many of you are already involved in your local group. Now you can glean wisdom and connect with other grassroots groups of Wisconsin.

Scott Wittkopf (protégé of George Lakoff) started this campaign in March. He is the director of Frame 4 the Future. Other sponsors of the event are Blue Jean Nation, Wisconsin Grassroots Network, Forward Institute and Wisconsin United to Amend.

Blue Jean Nation (BJN) seeks to give new life to our republic through civic education and grassroots organizing.

The Wisconsin Grassroots Network (WGN) develops grassroots groups to renew our democracy. It provides training and issue education.

Forward Institute is Wisconsin’s first independent, progressive, non-partisan think tank. It is their mission to educate the public through effective messaging.

Wisconsin United to Amend is working on an amendment to get big money out of politics. This is a non-partisan citizens group working to guarantee the US Constitution for real people.

Progressive Freedom Campaign has already presented its workshop in Green Bay, Ashland, Racine, Kenosha and La Crosse. Now you can attend a workshop in Wausau.

Go to the web site for more information and to register:

Learn how you can be more effective in your community and help restore our democracy.