• Voters standing at voting booths


By Rita Pachal

As of this writing the governor and legislature are looking to overhaul the GAB or Government Accountability Board.

This board governs our elections and the use of money in campaigns. It also investigates violations of the state ethics code.

This board consists of six former judges and staff. It was formed in 2007 when both Republicans and Democrats were mired in scandals. The formation of the board was supported by both parties and was passed almost unanimously.

The GAB forum held on September 14 at UWMC had panelists Jay Heck of Wisconsin Common Cause, Matt Rothschild of WI voted stickerisconsin Democracy Campaign, Andrea Kaminski of The League of Women Voters, Mandy Wright, former state representative, and Collen Gruszynski, a GAB staff member.

Senator Petrowski and Representative Heaton were invited, but gave no response. Each person told of his/her positive experience with the GAB. The GAB is a model for free and open elections which other states are wishing to emulate.

As a poll worker I can truthfully say that the GAB has been a godsend in all aspects of the election process. We at the polls know the rules and the procedure that must be followed so the elections are fair and unbiased.

Any questions or concerns are always answered in a timely manner. The board also gives training to all county clerks, city clerks, town clerks and chief inspectors.

This next election we must deal with the new photo ID law. Adding another layer of elections’ rules just less than five months before the next election would create chaos. Not only that, in less than a year we will be voting for a new president. The stress and confusion with the poll workers and the voters would make it very difficult for a fair and unbiased election.

We need to preserve the GAB as it now stands.