Palestine Week Three of Four: Part Two: Peace Dialogue Friends

Each day a cease fire in Gaza is more imperative.  An enduring and sustained ceasefire is essential for all people.

Our second Gaza pilgrimage this past Saturday brought 30 people joining in the walk. We were all heartened to hear car horns honking in solidarity for the cause.

Please consider joining us this coming Saturday, March 30  at 10 am in Rib Mountain. We will park over near the corner of Hobby Lobby’s lot. Please park nearer to the road so as not to hamper anyone needing parking for shopping.

Saturday, April 6, 10 AM, we will be at the intersection by Menard’s on Stewart Avenue, Wausau.

Our four walks on March 16, 23, 30, April 6 have been sponsored by the Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP). They’ve asked us each to try to commit to 25 miles of walking for peace in the next month. I know this may be difficult for some of us older folks, but the main idea is that our hearts are there, thinking and praying for peace in the Middle East and Gaza and an end to the occupation, bombing and deaths.

The Churches for Middle East Peace ask us to remember and call for the carrying out of these four principles:

1) An Enduring and Sustained Ceasefire.

2) Immediate provision of food, water, medical aid, fuel and humanitarian assistance to Gaza.

3) The release of all hostages, both Israeli hostages held by Hamas and Palestinian hostages and political prisoners held by Israel.

4) The end of the occupation of Gaza (and the West Bank) so that a just peace can begin.

To learn more about Churches for Middle East Peace and to donate go to To donate, click on the donate tab near the top of the page.

May peace prevail and ethnic cleansing cease in Gaza and all of Palestine!

We Hope You Can Be With Us,

Claudette, Carolyn, Dave, & Nancy