I have some exciting news to report. As of this afternoon, we officially surpassed the halfway point of the co-op drive! We currently have 126 pledges, and we have several high-profile events in the works in Oneida, Portage, Wood, Marathon, Lincoln, and Langlade Counties. I encourage all of you to check out the pledge page if you haven’t. If you could add your pledge or start paying into the co-op at this time, that would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. Also, I would like to ask all of you that have pledged to commit to finding at least one more pledge. If all who have pledged find one more pledge, we will have succeeded! Have them pledge online. Here is the link:

In addition to having a successful drive so far, Citizen Action of WI recently worked with MoveOn, Bernie Sanders and the Progressive Democrats to have 5 events around the State this past Sunday, to Resist the Repeal of the Affordable Care Act without an adequate replacement. We were joined by 500 such events across the US! The Wausau event had over 80 attendees!

There will be follow ups to this event. I will keep you posted.

All of these great things happening, and if you can believe it, there is more!

I continue to work on the SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment) campaign. The end goal here is to get workers outside of the school system, who can be compensated through Medicaid, placed in schools where there is a need for early interventions regarding substance abuse and addiction. There is a huge need in communities all across the State, and if executed effectively, SBIRT will be a valuable resource in the prevention of opioid and meth abuse/addiction. There are many community partners and health professionals already using SBIRT, so I have to find out where my time can best be used in this effort.

Thank you again for all of your pledges. Together, we will succeed in this co-op drive, and will be able to work toward many victories for our regions, our State, and our Nation. To those of you that have already begun paying into the co-op, thank you so much for your support.

Joel Lewis, Organizer, Citizen Action of WI; North Central WI Organizing Co-op [Cell]: (715)-551-2525