Be sure to look at the New Video Library starting up on the Grassroots North Shore website:

Currently we have five informational videos in our library- 1:30 to 4 minutes in length.

1) Women have a lot to lose.

2) The myth of the rich job creators

3) Why we have to regulate high capacity wells

4) How foreclosures affect Milwaukee

5) Fair treatment for rehabilitated felons.

We need your comments to help us decide how to grow this library. What topics are of interest to you? Would you pass videos on to friends by posting them or e-mailing them?

The goal of this video library is to encourage thought and discussion on a broad variety of issues, but please note that the views expressed in these videos are those of the individuals or groups who produced them. Grassroots North Shore reserves the right to not use videos or to retire them as needed.

You can send your comments to Joe Messinger