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Middle Wisconsin has always been a state of mind, not a location. The values of fairness, respect, and community are universal. They live in the heart of caring, concerned citizens throughout America, throughout the world. The following letter from Baruch Zeichner of Bend, Oregon, verbalizes what many of us fear, what many of us know, but have hesitated to say.

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“We are now literally dismantling the state government, and people need to think long and hard about what they want for a future in our state.”

– Republican state Senator Dale Schultz – Wisconsin


Dear Editor,

Wisconsin voters need to know that this is a fascist agenda being enacted.  I know the word “fascist” sounds hyperbolic, but in this instance it is not.  You have a blending of corporate power with politics, and that is the very definition of fascism.  The profit agenda of numerous corporations is now what is steering the state of Wisconsin.  The current governor is completely owned.  ALL his initiatives come from out of state backers who care about money and power, not the quality of life in Wisconsin. It is very sad to see what was once a progressive state, that embodied values of health, education, and community, being turned into a short term cash cow for some greedy folks…and when the wealth has been extracted, you will all essentially be discarded.  Under the guise of conservatism, Scott Walker et al have proceeded to dismantle much that was good, and they have replaced those things with…nothing.  All of you, except for Walker’s close friends, are being squeezed, more and more of you are feeling it.  Even those dyed in the wool Republicans who are honest with themselves can see that they have been tricked into supporting a destroyer.

Baruch Zeichner – Bend, Oregon