I attended the joint meeting of Marathon County’s Environmental Resources and Metallic Mining Committees’ meeting at the Marathon County Courthouse, as a landowner and taxpayer in Marathon County.  I was there to witness citizen’s concerns regarding the Canadian company, GreenLight Metals, Inc. and the mining company’s presentation who has applied for a permit for a metallic mining exploration at the Easton Reef Deposit.

It was shocking to witness the lack of respect and treatment of our fellow citizens as they spoke to the committee of their concerns.  Only 2 minutes was each allowed and often interrupted by Jacob Langenhahn, chair of the committee!  The intimidation and treatment did not show proper democratic governance of his place on this committee as an elected official operating on behalf of the citizens.  His conduct was an abomination of his role as chairman.

What was more astonishing was the absolute acquiesce to a foreign mining company who

received limitless time to give their presentation using obvious language to obfuscate and

deter from critical facts.  They even acknowledged their failures but citizens were not allowed

to ask any questions that might have shown the light of day.

So, what the committee and chair didn’t realize was that there were well educated citizens in the audience who know about mining but were not permitted to question any of the company’s practices or failures relating to codes, effects of forever chemicals, etc. The committee chair, Jacob Langenhahn, wouldn’t allow it.  That showed purposeful gross negligence!

In the audience was a successful CEO who has founded three international manufacturing companies, which still exist, employing hundreds. Those companies, as well as their employees, pay taxes here in Wisconsin.  He had a lot to say about a mining company who’s admitted failures were not addressed or questioned.  What he said was very telling:  that “it is absolutely obvious that the mining company certainly had the chair, Jacob Langenhahn, in their pocket”!

SHAME on the committees and Jacob Langenhahn for cow towing to deep pockets at the price of lives in Marathon County as this company continues to advance with proposals for their own Canadian profits.  Could it be that we will have additional, serious concerns that aren’t being addressed or reveled?

Committee members have all sworn an oath of office to our Democracy representing the people of Marathon County.  That means that we are all in this together as citizens who have constitutional rights that must be protected and not exploited by corporate entities whose primary concerns are for their own profits.