A short time ago, my cousin from New Zealand wrote, “Nearly every day there is a cartoon in our paper which says something uncomplimentary about Trump.”

I, too, for a long time have been much concerned about our president who leaves destruction in his wake in whatever he does. I have no words of comfort to share with my disappointed cousin.

Consider a short list of destructive acts carried out, without Congressional input, but with his executive orders:


  • He has pulled our nation out of the Paris Climate Agreements. We have lost our position as a world leader in this matter. U.S. citizens will not see any positive corrective action from our federal government.


  • He has declared the nuclear arms control agreement with Iran to be invalid, and has withdrawn U.S. involvement. We have lost the ability to inspect their operations and to consult with them in good faith.


  • Our president has ordered the separation of children from their parents as the families enter from Mexico. The media reveals that at least 6000 children have been taken from their families. Can anybody imagine the severe emotional hardship this is causing? The media further indicates the probability that many children will suffer PTSD symptoms for the remainder of their lives. My experiences lead me to believe that this is absolutely true.


  • Trump has met several times with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and has declared that Kim Jong is willing to denuclearize. The evidence is that North Korea continues to build up its nuclear capabilities. The danger increases.


This is only a sample of the POTUS’s wayward leadership. What is the required action? The American people should decide.


(Jim is a volunteer lobbyist for the Friends Committee on National Legislation.)