Letter to Citizens of the State of Wisconsin

  • Teacher and Student in Classroom

Dear Citizens of the State of Wisconsin:

The right to a high quality, free, public education is fundamental, and education at all levels is critical to our future.

Public schools give all students the opportunity for success. They are at the heart of our communities.

Today, Wisconsin is ground-zero in the fight to regain and maintain the standards of excellence and effectiveness which made Wisconsin a benchmark for others to follow.

That fight requires a steady, compelling voice in the media, yet none currently exists.

To answer the call, PEIS*, with the support of educators and concerned citizens, has launched the first widely distributed, easily accessible news source, bringing the voices of educators, communities, and students to the attention of Wisconsin citizens:

Wisconsin Education News

Wisconsin Education News is:

  • A state-focused, daily newscast
  • Provided to radio stations across the state
  • Streamed and available for download at WISEDNEWS.ORG

Wisconsin Education News will:

  • Focus on teachers, community leaders and businesses to ensure their views receive the coverage they deserve.
  • Reach a broad community in rural, northern, western and central Wisconsin as well as urban areas.

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