Honk For Public Education

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By Middle Wisconsin Editorial Staff

Motorists are honking their horn for public education for all, thanks to rallies by concerned people all over Wisconsin.

Throughout Wisconsin, many people are organizing and advocating for public education. Local groups are standing on sidewalks and holding signs to let people know what is going on in the state budget and the local schools. They are helping to educate the public on the needs of our public schools.

In Wauwatosa SOS (Save Our Schools) has requested open records of their elected officials to determine the support for public education.

In West Bend, the advocacy groups calls itself Benders for Public Education.

In Manitowoc the group is known as Parents and Advocates for MPSD.

In Racine, the Alliance to Save Our Schools is very active.

Sun Prairie recently held a rally for public education.

In the Appleton area we find Fox Cities Advocates for Public Education.

Watch this brilliant video from the Kaukauna Rally and see these amazing volunteers stand up to support local public education.


You can establish an advocacy group in your area. There is no better way to commemorate the founding of our great nation than to advocate for public schools for all, the foundation of our democracy.