Hold the January 6 Insurrectionists Accountable

The Jan. 6 Committee has shown us all that Donald Trump was at the heart of a criminal conspiracy against our beloved system of government that ensures our freedoms. He must be held accountable for that. And so, too, must his Wisconsin accomplices. These include the 10 false electors from Wisconsin, who impersonated the real electors and attempted to subvert the will of the people of our state. False elector Derrick Van Orden is running as a Republican to represent the 3rd Congressional District. These also include Sen. Ron Johnson, who offered to hand deliver to Vice President Mike Pence the slate of false electors from Wisconsin and Michigan just minutes before the Electoral College commenced. And these include the 15 Republican legislators from Wisconsin who signed a letter to Pence on Jan. 5 urging him not to certify the election. Wisconsin’s Attorney General Josh Kaul has a legal and moral obligation to investigate these Wisconsin accomplices and to hold them accountable. No one is above the law, especially those who tried to mess with our freedom to vote and interfered with the peaceful transition of power.