Help Reduce to Homelessness in Wausau

Individuals without housing are a part of many communities across the country. Unhoused people face challenges that are varied and not easily addressed. As long as their housing  and other individual needs remain unmet, some collisions with the interests of the broader community are likely.

Won’t our city and county benefit most if we don’t simplify this complex issue and instead explore multiple perspectives and approaches? Aren’t we best served by moderating differences to craft reasonable problem-solving plans and implementation measures?

Compromise, as embodied in (Wausau City) Council member Sarah Watson’s proposed plan, is always a good first step toward breaching differences. Her proposal of hiring one community outreach worker and one law enforcement officer should be well considered as the city council, other public and private entities, including outreach and law enforcement services, work with our city’s unhoused members to move toward the common good of all.