The massive amounts of money spent on “buying” elections is a far bigger problem for our country than the immigration and welfare programs providing food, shelter and medical care for those without the means to cover their basic needs.

Huge campaign contributions made by fewer than 200 wealthy individuals and families have helped elect candidates supporting the passage of laws allowing:

  • Pharmaceutical companies to charge outrageous amounts for critical drugs.
  • Wall Street CEO’s to break laws and escape by paying fines which are smaller than the profit they made violating ours laws!
  • Banks to invest depositors’ money recklessly, putting our life’s savings at risk.
  • The privatization of our community-run public schools, allowing investors to make money on the backs of our children’s future.

Our government is being bought. It’s time to demand our state and national representatives and senators get the big money out of our elections.

Ask them to support legislation for a Constitutional Amendment overturning Citizens United, the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that put our democracy up for sale!