Four people are dead in the Wausau community. Four families are grieving along with a shocked community. Thousands of people came to pay their respects to the fallen police officer. A woman who was abused and her six children will deal with the grief for the rest of their lives knowing what the husband/father has done. The families will never be the same. The Wausau community will continue to soul search and ask: how can this happen here?

What do Wisconsin Republican legislators do? Propose a bill that allows hidden deadly weapons to be carried without a permit. This is cruelty—plain and simple—not only to the four who died; but also to their families and the community reeling from the shock. It is a slap in the face to any family who has dealt with gun violence of any sort.

Have you ever heard something die? I have and it is awful.

My husband comes from a family with a strong hunting tradition. When we were first married, we went rabbit hunting. It was a beautiful, sunny, warm, winter day as I sat in a tamarack tree watching the beagle chase the rabbits. I shot and wounded a rabbit with a 22 bullet. The rabbit squealed and screamed while it died. I will never forget that sound. Needless, to say, I have never hunted since.

People scream, plead, and cry as they are being shot as witnessed by some of the mass shootings that have occurred over these many years. People scream when they are wounded and cry in pain. Twenty first graders were mowed down in cold blood—just imagine the terror they and the staff faced.

People scream, cry, and grieve when they hear that a family member or members have been killed by gun violence. Families and communities grieve with them and look for solutions.

Death by guns outpaced death by motor vehicles in 21 states in 2014.

I am asking you, a member of the Wisconsin legislature, to vote “No” on the bill to eliminate a permit for a concealed deadly weapon.

Listen to the voices of the people who are crying, mourning, and grieving due to gun violence.

People need a driver license to drive a motor vehicle. People must register their motor vehicle. Shouldn’t it be the same for a person carrying a deadly weapon? We must come together to address gun violence in this state and nation and to enact sensible gun legislation that protects children, women, men, police officers, and the community as a whole.

Vote “No” on the bill to eliminate a permit for a concealed deadly weapon.