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Many months ago Middle Wisconsin published the story of James and Krista Botsford (a Wausau family owning farmland in North Dakota) being sued by Enbridge Pipeline. There are new and important developments in their case. The case is now in the North Dakota Supreme Court. Oral Arguments are set for Sept. 21 in Bismarck.

The basic legal issue is whether or not Enbridge, a Canadian corporation, should have the power to condemn the Botsfords land through EMINENT DOMAIN for a proposed pipeline. The lower court said yes. Botsfords are appealing. The case is important here too because in 2015 Enbridge persuaded the Wisconsin legislature to amend our laws on Eminent Domain to permit this power to be granted to Enbridge in Wisconsin.

The Botsfords won some victories in the lower court limiting the scope of Eminent Domain going to Enbridge. Enbridge is appealing those limitations. Precedents set in this case could impact the power of Enbridge to condemn private property in Wisconsin.

Basil Restaurant in Weston is hosting a fundraiser for the Botsfords’ legal defense fund on Sunday, September 4th from 1:30 to 3pm.

Learn more about the Legal Defense Fundraiser and the issues involved in the case through this link: www.enbridgesuedus.com