Clean Green Action (CGA). a local nonprofit environmental group, is beginning its 11th year of working on projects that focus on sustainability and reducing environmental impact. In 2018 Clean Green Action will continue to build on past successes while adding some new projects.

New projects for 2018 include:

Monarch Encouragement – This collboative effort between municipalities, the county and local organizations promotes pollinator gardens through education and action.

Groundwater/Surfacewater Forum – Clean Green Action has committed to sponsoring an educational forum being proposed by the County Board’s Central Sands Groundwater subcommittee.

School Connections –Following an inventory of current environmental efforts at local schools, Clean Green Action will review its opportunities to support environmental education.

Continuing projects include:

Choose to Reuse – This event organized by different area townships (e.g. Rome, Grant, Grand Rapids, Seneca) allows people to drop off useful items for others to take for free. Check with your local township for dates.

Recycling Rangers – This group will continue providing recycling containers and volunteers at local community events to help eliminate the amoutnt of recyclables going to the landfill.

Sustainable Wisconsin Rapids – Clean Green Action works with Wisconsin Rapids officials to move the city towards becoming a sustainable community through participation on the Mayor’s Sustainability Council.

Bird City – In 2017, the Bird City designation for Wisconsin Rapids was renewed with a June event at Lake Wazeecha in conjuntion with the Kiwanis Youth Outdoor Day. In 2018, work continues on a woodlot project behind Lincoln High School and support for the Wisconsin Prairie Chicken Festival scheduled for April 14.

Highway Pickup – Clean Green Action’s adopted stretch of highway is cleaned twice a year so our group can walk the talk.

Nonpartisan legislative committee – This committee keeps the group abreast of pending legislation and policies that impact the environment.

Booth at local/area fairs – Look for Clean Green Action at events like the Grand Affair to learn more about our group.

Update phone book recycling page – For information on places to recycle various items, go to page 36 of the Solarus 2017-2018 phone directory.

Clean Green Action is also involved in projects that other groups lead. Our members assist with the River Riders Bike Share program, which is led by the Wood County Health Department. Clean Green Action members also help out at the Growing Friends Community Garden which has completed five successful growing seasons and at the Wisconsin Rapids farmers market by collecting (gleaning) food donations from the vendors and distributing them at places like the South Wood Emerging Pantry Shelf (SWEPS).

Clean Green Action is a local grassroots, citizen-led group working to create a sustainable community through education, recycling and conservation efforts in the south Wood County area. The success of its on-going and new projects depends upon our selfless volunteers.

With more help, our success rate will continue to increase. If you are interested in joining our group and helping out with any of these projects, plan to attend a Clean Green Action meeting at 4 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month (except for June, July and August) in McMillan Library’s McCourt Room. Join us!