Celebrating Sustainability on Earth Day

Whether sustainability means keeping Earth’s environment and climate healthy and stable for our well-being and that of all her living creatures, or whether sustainability means keeping our State and our Country competitive in the rapidly growing renewable energy economy – or both – Earth Day in Wausau has something for you. This Earth Day celebration is for everyone and people of all perspectives will be treated with respect. A healthy planet and a healthy economy benefit us all.

From keynote speaker Scott Coenen, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Conservative Energy Forum’s discussion of that new, global economy, to presentations about electric cars and solar energy installations there will be something for everyone – including composting and waste reduction tips from Meleesa Johnson, Director of the Marathon County Solid Waste Department.

Hans Breitenmoser, Lincoln Count Board Supervisor and owner of a large dairy farm, will be there to discuss the impacts climate change on the farm and his adoption of solar energy. Jordan Kaiser from North Wind Renewables will be there to pique your interest in going solar, and Joel Lewis from Citizens Action will explain PACE, an innovative funding plan for business owners looking for new energy strategies.

Earth Day is April 22. Activities will start at Marathon County Park where we will plant a tree dedicated by Brad Karger (Executive Director of Marathon County) at 10:30.

From there folks will walk to the YWCA, 613 N 5th Street, for the afternoon presentations which begin at 12:30. Other highlights will include a Hmong dance troop Nkauj Hmoob Paj Tshua Nplaim, egg rolls and cookies.

We hope to have presentations by local middle school students. And plug-in electric cars will be in the Universalist Unitarian Church parking lot across the street where you can talk about them with their owners.

“Special Note: If you drive an electric car and would be willing to bring it to Earth Day please contact Dan Barth at 715-630-1949, or dmbarth57@gmail.com. We’d love to include you and your car in this event.”

Join us as we celebrate the living planet we all depend on, and our renewable energy “today”. We promise it’ll be worth your while. See you at Marathon Park at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, April 22.