BARBED WIRE AND ACRES OF HOPE is a collection of essays reflecting on the gifts bestowed upon us by our American forebears, and how the Republican Party has been systematically attempting to take those gifts from us and our children. The brief vignettes remind us that we are not only the beneficiaries but also the stewards of those gifts. Please consider recommending the book to your personal network and asking them to do the same.

Barbed Wire & Acres of Hope is now available in eBook form on Amazon and will be there in paperback form soon.

Barbed Wire & Acres of Hope on Amazon

For those who do not have a Kindle, Amazon does make a free app available for download to your device.

About The Author 

Rich Clikeman is a (retired) research scientist, a U.S. patent agent, and patent consultant.  He lives in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, but grew up in Rockford, Illinois, not far from Clikeman Road, “a single thread bordered by barbed wire and acres of hope.”   Rich is an inventor on a variety of patents in various aspects of chemistry and computer image games.  Barbed Wire & Acres of Hope is his second offering.  Minds Within, his first novel, is part one of the evolving series Intersentient ChronicleFrozen Clocks, the second book of the chronicle, becomes available in late 2020, while book III titled SomeHere Else arrives in early 2021.

Rich has written several articles for Middle Wisconsin in the past.

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