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Sorting ourselves out

We shift between groups throughout our lives and other people put us in groups without our knowledge or consent all the time.

Currency and latency

While many of us think of metal coins and paper money when we think about currency, the earliest commodities of traded value were not minted or printed.

The body PoliTech

I started this project to show you that there are tools we can use to automate some of our research.

Follow the policy

We will look at a way we can use the information which is provided by these services and how they could be improved to increase access to all voters.

Reimagine waste: Capturing and reusing carbon to build a better world

If something is not bigger, more expensive, shinier, full of greater functionality and more expensive, it is just not new enough, not good enough. This is a flawed perspective. 

For and by the people

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock. If you watch your local news, then you have a greater chance of learning what your state legislature is doing than someone who watches a cable news channel. However, both the local station’s coverage and the local newspaper are going to deliver old news. By the time you find out, something important could have happened to move a bill along or you may have missed a public hearing. There are easier ways to learn what is going on in the legislature than hanging out in the capitol building and attending floor sessions, and these take less time then sitting through the same meetings on Wisconsin Eye. One of the ...

Stepping back is hard to do

When you decide to step away from something you feel is important, it is much like when you have a sudden onset disability. The change in your life is disruptive. You find yourself itching for the old routine and sometimes slip into autopilot even months after. This is normal. These routines have been reinforced through years of training and it takes time to weaken the neural pathways you created in your brain. You will create new pathways as you build up a new routine. That is what our brain does.

Too Lazy; Doesn’t Read (TL;DR)

Originally this phrase was Too Long Didn’t Read or TL;DR. This expression was first used on me by someone I considered a friend. After looking up the new acronym, I was insulted and a little hurt. Well, not immediately. I knew that they were busy with school and had family issues that took up a lot of their time and mental capacity. Then it occurred to me that if in fact they were too busy or too tired, why did they take the time to even be where they could see what I wrote? After all, it is not as though I wrote it out in soup in the kitchen floor. So, they must have had another reason for taking the time to write those four letters. What could those reasons be?

Working from home works

In the past year, many people have had their first go at working from home. Some people have ranged farther afield taking their tablet computers, cellular phones and laptops to more exotic locations like parks, beaches or even vantage points along highways just to take a break from being at home all the time.

Technically disabled

Like more than 80% of blind and visually impaired Americans, Mr. Davis is unemployed. Like many blind and visually impaired people he is employable and does want to be active in the community.