Are you an animal? Does your employer or former employer see you as an animal and treat you like one? Would your employer hire an animal trainer from a zoo to train you and keep you in line? Does your employer surround the top of the building with netting to keep you from jumping off and committing suicide because the working conditions are brutal?

Are you, the tax payer, willing to mortgage and yoke yourself to a foreign company for over $3 billion without any return to the tax payers for the next 25 years or more? Each Wisconsin household will pay $1200 to this company with no requirements to hire Wisconsin workers.

Are you willing to exempt a foreign company from an Environmental Impact Study? Are you willing to roll back environmental protections that all other companies must abide by? Are you willing to give up control of our clean waters that could be tainted with toxic metals and contaminants? Are you willing to expose employees to toxic dust and chemicals? After all “electronics is a dirty business.”

Are you, the taxpayer, ready to foot the bill for cleaning up the environmental mess that will be created?

Are you okay with negating any potential state tax liability for a foreign company while the taxpayers continue to pay?

These are values questions we should all consider as we investigate the Foxconn (a very appropriate name) $3 billion, and probably more, giveaway of our state and our resources. Is it any wonder that the “conn” deal is being rushed through the legislature as quickly as possible waiving requirements that other companies must and do follow?

If we are going to mortgage ourselves with a $3 billion yoke, why not spread $3 billion all across the state to:

**support small businesses and family farms?

**increase wages?

**fund public education kindergarten through college to prepare our children and grandchildren for the 21st century?

** provide quality daycare and preschool programs?

**rebuild our roads, bridges, and infrastructure?

**expand broadband?

**invest in green energy?

Instead, Wisconsin will invest in Foxconn who views and treats its employees as “animals.” And when the “animals” are replaced by robots, we will be stuck with the bill. Then what?