Anaem Omot

Congratulations to the Menominee Tribe! Anaem Omot is a sacred and historically important area that deserves national recognition and protection from threats like the Back Forty Mine. In the photograph within a ceremonial dance ring L-R are Dr David Overstreet, David “Nahwahquaw” Grignon, Tony Brown, Kahkamahut Waupekenay, Glen Miller, Lupi Corn, Lois Turney, Aaliyah Webster, and Dawn Wilber.


The Anaem Omot or Sixty Islands area of the Menominee River is located about 16 miles east of Stephenson, Michigan. The settlement remains date back roughly 10,000 years to the last Ice Age. The site has now been placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Menominee tribe has been working for several years to protect this culturally sensitive area that include ceremonial sites and burial grounds.

Each year there is a canoe journey down the Menominee River by Water Protectors to bring awareness to the opposition of the Back 40 mine. It is an event of thankfulness for the life the river gives to all. This year we experienced many fish, otter, deer and at least a dozen eagles.  This years journey was one more of thank fulness and celebration.

Please visit the Menominee website for more information.