Can you imagine living in Wisconsin without a driver’s license? There are Wisconsin residents who happen to be undocumented immigrants. They have families and many of them are employed. Yet they cannot operate a vehicle on Wisconsin roads.

An estimated 32,000 Wisconsin residents are undocumented and therefore cannot get a Wisconsin driver’s license. Of the residents who would get licenses, 14,000 live with children and would be able to better care and provide for them.

22,000 residents who would get driver licenses are employed and would be able to get to work more safely.

Getting a driver’s license would really help the undocumented residents. It would also help all of us who live in Wisconsin. It would benefit children, families, communities and the economy.

Wisconsin drivers could see saving of $16 million in auto insurance premiums every year. We who do carry auto insurance would not need to pay for the uninsured motorists.

Insurance companies could see increased revenue of $13 million a year. With more motorists needing auto insurance, the insurance companies would gain new clients.

More money is put back into the local economy. People with a driver’s license can drive to work and to the stores to spend money.

Wisconsin roads are safer for everyone because licensed drivers have learned the rules of the road. They have studied the traffic and road laws and are responsible for driving safely.

Let’s widen the road. Give all immigrants access to driver licenses. This is a big win for all of us in Wisconsin.

(Sources: Kids Forward, Wisconsin Budget Project and Voces de la Frontera)