A Pollution Free Future

On Tuesday, March 14, the Wausau City Council unanimously approved a resolution supporting reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In approving the resolution Wausau has committed themselves to developing an energy plan and moving the city to becoming 100% clean energy by 2050.

There were many good speeches that evening but one that was really heartwarming and future driven was given by Jean Abreu. I would like to share it with you. ~Nancy

Here it is:

“I’m here to speak in support of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Resolution.

Not only is this a Fiscally and Environmentally responsible next step for our community, it’s also an important and hope-filled investment in our children.

I speak as a teacher.  This is my 42nd year in the classroom.  I’m currently working at EEA, a small charter school housing middle and high school students in the Wausau District.  Last week I discussed this Resolution with my science classes and asked students to write down anything they might like to share with you – the City Council – about this resolution.  Here are some of their comments:

Thank you for doing something positive.

Thank you for giving us hope.

Thank you for doing something that will have such a big impact.

I’m proud of people taking charge and tackling this issue.

Why hasn’t anyone tried to do this before?

Do you think other businesses will follow your lead?

I think it’s great.

I hope it’s not too late.

We need to do this faster.

Thank you for taking the necessary steps to create a cleaner earth for the next generation…

What I found most interesting was their desire to calculate how old they’ll be in 2050, the year Wausau plans to be using 100% clean, renewable energy.  I will be 92!  But the kids will be in their early-to-mid 40’s.

Now think about that – passing this resolution means we are choosing to change the trajectory of their future, moving them towards a cleaner and energy-independent world.  It is for this very reason that I fully support the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Resolution.  Thank you. “