Your Voice, Your Vote

It’s time to wake up Marathon County. Your voice continuously becomes smaller. What will you do when you have no voice at all? The time to speak up is now.

This week WEC Republican member Dean Knudson resigned unexpectedly, citing pressure from US Senator Ron Johnson. The Wisconsin Elections Commission must elect a new chairperson this year, and under state law, that role rotates between parties. It is the Republican’s turn. Fake elector Bob Spindell is the only other Republican currently eligible.  GOP legislators are calling for elections to be taken over by the Secretary of State, a partisan elected official. I don’t care which party is in that position, that only further sows the seeds of dysfunction and turmoil. This takes away yours and my voice.

In late 2015, Wisconsin state legislative Republicans and then-Governor Scott Walker engineered the completely partisan destruction of the independent, non-partisan Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB). The GAB was a model for integrity in our elections. They replaced it with the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) in a deliberate attempt to gain partisan control over the administration and outcome of elections in this state.

When they sowed the seeds of discontent it also opened the doors to let corporations write the rules on how the state of Wisconsin operates.  Yes, the party of small government did just that, and continues to do that.  Our elected officials like Ron Johnson, Tom Tiffany and Scott Fitzgerald have let corporations write laws to dictate what happens to you and me. It has taken all power and control away from the towns and villages who know their needs and the needs of their people best. Imagine that a corporation has more to say in your town than the board you elected to serve you.

What they are trying to do is still your voice and mine. I’m not going to let my voice be silenced. I am not going to let corporations walk through making these politicians richer, only to destroy our land and water and hang us as the taxpayer with the bill for it. Corporations are not people. Money should not buy votes.

Everyone who is eligible to vote, should be able to get out and vote. Make your voice heard. Check to see that you are registered at and vote in every race in every election.