It is well known the United States started the war in Vietnam based on lies the about Gulf of Tonkin. An estimated 3 million Vietnamese and 50 thousand of our own servicemen were murdered by American “leadership.” Vietnam still suffers high levels of birth defects resulting from the U.S. use of chemical weapons. Villagers – children – were burned alive with napalm.

Yes but, Putin is evil and China’s Xi Jinping is a dictator.

In the 1990’s the Clinton Administration imposed brutal sanctions on Iraq in an attempt to force Iraqi leadership to conform to U.S. dictates. It was devastating for the people of that nation. An estimated 500 thousand Iraqi children died of starvation. Clinton’s U.S. Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, stated that the Clinton Administration felt “it was worth it.” It seems likely that neither Bill nor Madeline asked the dying children or their parents if they felt it was “worth it.”

Yes but, Putin is evil and Xi is a dictator.

Since 1948, the U.S. has supported – and supplied weaponry for – Israeli aggression against the Palestinians. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were driven from their ancestral homelands. Thousands were murdered by Israeli settlers as they drove these indigenous people from their villages. It was anger and fury for the decades long U.S. support of Israeli terrorism against the Palestinians that lead a small group of Saudi Arabians to destroy the World Trade Center buildings in New York.

Yes but, Putin and Xi are evil.

It is well documented that the attacks on the World Trade Center were carried out by Saudi Arabians. But Saudi Arabia was a world oil supplier who was vital in maintaining the U.S. dollar (the petro-dollar) as the world’s reserve currency. There could certainly be no U.S. aggression against the Saudis. But someone had to pay. Based on total lies about weapons of mass destruction, the Bush Administration launched its “shock and awe” bombing campaign against Iraq even though all knew Iraq had nothing to do with the World Trade Center attacks and possessed no weapons of mass destruction. Innocent Iraqis murdered by U.S. bombing numbered as high as a million.

Yes but, Putin and Xi are evil.

The 20-year war on Afghanistan by the U.S. was supposedly started because the instigators of the attacks on the World Trade Center, Osama bin Laden and his men, were living in Afghanistan at the time. It is well documented that the Taliban had offered to turn bin Laden and his men over to the U.S. to prevent a war. This was ignored by the Bush Administration and the bombing began. Afghanistan, like Iraq, Syria and Iran, was guilty of locating itself in an area of the Middle East rich in “American” oil. They should have known better than to place themselves on top of “U.S.” oil. After 20 years America left Afghanistan in defeat, its tail between its legs. But in the interim thousands of innocent Afghanis had been murdered and much of the country was left in ruins.

Yes but, Putin and XI are evil.

In 2011 the Obama Administration decided to bomb Libya. At the time, Libya was the richest nation in Africa, its citizens enjoying the highest standard of living on the continent. But Libya’s leader, Muamar Qaddafi, had made the fatal mistake of selling Libyan oil in currency other than the U.S. dollar, thus challenging the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Qaddafi even had the nerve to suggest Africa should create its own pan-African currency to avoid use of the dollar in African trade. This, of course, might interfere with the endless sanctions the U.S. imposed upon African nations to manipulate their governments and steal their resources. Qaddafi had to go.

Libya is now in ruins. Terrorist abound, women and children are bought and sold, but the dollar is strong.

Yes but, Putin and Xi are evil.

In 2014, the U.S., guided by Victoria Nuland and approved by Joe Biden, orchestrated a coup in Ukraine to overthrow the democratically elected president of that nation, Victor Yanukovych (the US commonly spreads “democracy” by overthrowing or killing democratically elected heads of nations it doesn’t like).

Yanukovych had the silly notion that NATO shouldn’t expand into Ukraine and place U.S. missiles on Russia’s borders minutes from leveling Moscow – especially since America hadn’t thought it was such a good idea for Russia to place missiles in Cuba back in 1962. Yanukovych even wanted to get along with the Russians and have friendly trade relations with them. He had to go. So, the U.S. got rid of him, installed a Neo-Nazi regime, and began placing U.S. arms in Ukraine.

What received no coverage in western media at the time was that the eastern parts of Ukraine, the Donbass region and Crimea, were ethnically Russian, spoke Russian, and the people in these areas had been strong supporters of Yanukovych. They became especially alarmed when the new government installed by the U.S. outlawed the use of the Russian language. Naturally internal strife followed. Thousands of civilians in the Donbas were killed by the Ukrainian military using U.S. arms. Russia, of course, had neglected to place missiles or soldiers on the U.S. borders with Mexico, or Canada, and the evil Putin and the evil Russians simply refused to accept that the U.S. meant no harm by placing American arms on Russia’s borders. And then in 2022 the evil Putin started the “totally unprovoked” war in Ukraine (which actually started with the U.S. coup in 2014), in part to defend the equally evil Russian speakers in the Donbas.  According to U.S. media, the evil was just everywhere and Americans in white hats were trying to save the day.

Realistic estimates place the loss of Ukrainian soldiers at about 500,000 and millions of Ukrainian civilians have left the nation permanently. And lest Americans should have some illusion about their nation “protecting” Ukraine, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin put it quite clearly, “the goal was to “weaken” Russia.”  If a half million Ukrainians were killed in the process, what’s the problem. Like Madeline a few decades ago, Austin, Biden, Blinken and the U.S. congress no doubt feel it is “worth it.” Of course, Russia is now stronger than ever, is winning the war in Ukraine, and has formed strong alliances with China and the global south in general, but let’s not be confused by inconvenient facts.

Yes but, Putin and Xi are evil.

And now we must go to the US/Israeli murder of women and children in Gaza. Joe Biden and the Democrats load the gun, and Israel pulls the trigger. Pregnant women and babies are the best targets of course – nips the disease of Palestinianism in the bud. Thirty-two thousand dead and counting. Raffa should be great target practice.

Does this sound horribly cynical? Perhaps words shouldn’t be so crass, should be sanitized. Then again maybe its not as cynical as continuing to murder women and children because to do otherwise would mean AIPAC, the American/Israeli lobby might not back your re-election. And losing the war in Ukraine has a bad look. A few thousand more dead Palestinians and Ukrainians are no doubt also “worth it.”

Oh, and let’s not forget – Putin and XI are evil.