Progressives in our state are working together, more than ever before. With networking on the social media as well as meeting on the sidewalks and town squares, progressives are on the move.


We are carrying a great tradition of Fighting Bob LaFollette, who took on the Robber Barons, the Lumber Barons, the Railroad Barons one hundred years ago.


Democracy is fragile. The struggle to protect the rights of all living things, including Mother Earth, continues. We fought this battle before. We declared independence from the Commonwealth of Great Britain, refusing to be colonized.


We declared that all people have equal rights and fought the Civil Rights to free people from slavery.


We struggled to obtain voting rights for women and for minorities. Those struggles continue as we challenge the voter suppression laws passed by Republican legislators.


The struggle before us now is who is going to rule? The people or the elite few through their corporations? What will our society look like? Will there be equal rights for every person? Will there be rights for a select few? Will we live a lifestyle that is compatible with Mother Earth’s needs, or will we rampage the Earth for profits for a few people?


Where will the money be? Locked in vaults in the Cayman Islands, Panama and the state of New Jersey? Or will the money circulate throughout each community as money is intended to do?


The Other Side is touting Freedom, but what kind of freedom? Freedom for an elite group?


In all of life, there is give and take. With Great Freedom comes Great Responsibility.