For generations Wisconsin has been the home of my ancestors and relatives.  They were among the

first to “pioneer” the state coming from Pennsylvania where generations before had befriended

Indigenous peoples and lived in harmony with them after fleeing autocracies in other countries.  Their humble message has always passed down through generations:  ALWAYS KEEP SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE .  It is my earliest recollection of what I heard over and over at family reunions.

Other ancestors came from Norway. Those Wisconsinites always emphasized working for the COMMON GOOD of their communities.  Colonel Heg was a distant cousin. He fought and died for the rights of the disparaged at the battle of Chickamaugua.  Wisconsin mourned his death for days. My handicapped grandpa of several greats was a wheel wright at Gettysburg. My relatives, having fought in every U.S. war including the Revolutionary War, continue the fight for the same above messages for us all to work together for freedom and democracy.

Alarmingly, we now have the same struggle of our lives in Wisconsin! The hoodwinking by the super-rich has succeeded in turning citizen against citizen here. Their obscene, expensive commercials on tv and radio tell lies justified by the First Amendment.  These billionaires have established a gerrymandered majority in our own legislature, put their majority on our supreme court where they obey the edicts of their financiers taking away our freedoms for the profit and gains of the superrich.

The American Legislative Council, the Council for National Policy, the Chamber of Commerce and others, have purposely worked without the public’s knowledge since the Louis Powell Memorandum.

This obscene takeover was a long term plan to take away democracy. Now, after Citizens United was enforced by the Robert’s Supreme Court, super-rich from across the world can funnel dark money into our political spheres where gangsters have ruled and steal trillions of dollars in heists of the people’s tax monies through the constant repetition of lies and use of loopholes in our laws.

Their efforts have hit full stride now as the people’s governing has been taken over by extremists

who finance incompetent government officials who’s actions are dictated by them at every level of government.  This is the petri dish for the nation happening right here and now in Wisconsin!

We aren’t hearing of their horrific successes because they own huge media outlets across the world.

And, just like we didn’t hear about the cancer causing effects of tobacco, and we didn’t hear about

the effects of global warming because broadcasters have been forbidden to discuss it, we aren’t hearing about the horrific damage being done to our air, land and water across the nation.

It’s time to listen to the Indigenous people and those who research through real science.  Our water, air and land in Wisconsin are in grave danger!  The latest takeover of the DNR representatives,

whose responsibilities were to support the peoples’ laws, and the superrich are offering these precious resources for big profit and gains through mining while supporting the façade of more jobs.

We must work together, expose and fight these seditious acts for another precious resource