Never look at history. It can confuse a person with the facts. Life is prettier without history. We wear white hats, they wear black. We’re good, they’re bad. Simple. Let it go.

I thought long and hard before assembling this article. There is a fine line between constructive and counterproductive criticism, and I lack certainty about its location. But given the ongoing mass murders being committed in Gaza with American support, and the absolute and unethical failure of western print and broadcast media to present anything resembling the truth, whether in Gaza, or Ukraine, or in the past illegal wars the US conducted since Vietnam, I believe it is critical that we Americans take a hard look at what we have allowed our nation to become. Our hats are not so white. Indeed, they have often been very black. What follows is difficult.

This first video clip is of former Secretary of State Madeline Albright under the Clinton Administration being interviewed on “60 Minutes.” The US had imposed economic sanctions on Iraq in an attempt to overthrow the Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein. As always, sanctions seldom hurt top officials, but often devastate average people. It should be noted that the US was instrumental in installing Hussein years earlier when America was fomenting the Iran/Iraq war.



Let this register. Let it really sink in. An estimate 500,000 Iraqi children painfully starved to death and the Clinton administration “thought it was worth it.” It makes the slaughter in Gaza look like a Sunday picnic. Of course, it wasn’t the Clinton’s daughter or Albright’s family members that died. That might have made the price a little less “worth it.”

The next video clip took place in 2002. It shows then Senator Joe Biden addressing Scott Ritter in congressional testimony. Ritter is a US marine who fought in the first gulf war, and at the time of this testimony was the lead UN weapons inspector looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. He had testified that Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction. Quoting journalist Glenn Greenwald:

“Prior to the invasion of Iraq, weapons inspector Scott Ritter correctly warned Saddam had no active WMD program. Joe Biden, as Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair, falsely insisted he did and thus vehemently advocated for the war.”

Listen carefully to Ritter’s comments to journalists Arron Matte and Katie Halper following the testimony clip:



US officials, including Joe Biden, started a war in Iraq they knew full well was based on lies. Over 1,000,000 (that’s one million) innocent people died in Iraq. Open the following link and force yourself to scroll through the photos of what the US bombing of Mosul, where 40,000 innocent civilians – mostly women and children – were murdered, did to that city. Force yourself to look:


As Medea Benjamin and Nicholas Davies of CODEPINK have stated, Mosul is Israel’s blueprint for Gaza. Senator Joe Biden, along with many other US “leaders” was an accomplice to murder.

And now we move to Libya, where, again based on total lies, the US and NATO bombed Africa’s richest and most productive nation into a hell-hole filled with terrorist groups, slave and sex traffickers, and thousands of desperate migrants dying while fleeing across the Mediteranean. The President of Libya, Muhammar Qaddafi, was murdered by having a bayonette rammed up his anus. Here is a short video clip of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton commenting on Qaddafi’s death.




If this doesn’t turn your stomach, it’s hard to imagine what could. Hillary somehow failed to mention that thousands of innocent others were slaughtered and thousands now faced a life of horrors resulting from US bombings. Please take the time to read Ellen Brown’s well documented report on what was actually behind the US destruction of Libya. Hillary, along with many other US “leaders,” was an accomplice to murder. President Joe Biden currently supports the murder of women and children in Gaza.

There is a relevant point to be made here which also reflects on the unethical performance of US and western media regarding the American view of Russia. Given what Israel is doing to Gaza and what the US did to Mosul and other Mideastern cities, does anyone honestly think that Russia couldn’t level Kiev in Ukraine any time it chose? It could. But, whether Americans choose to believe it or not, Russia has elected to avoid killing civilians as much as possible. Putin is labeled evil on a regular basis, but surely his evil does not surpass that of American “leaders.” America is in the process of self-destructing.