The current trial of President Trump with the possibility of his removal from office is of major importance for our nation and world. But I think there are a number of reasons besides the evidence of “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress” for his impeachment and subsequent removal from office.


They include:

  • President Trump has abandoned the commitment of our nation to the Paris Climate Agreement, thus turning our back on the critical need to immediately convert our nation to a carbon-free energy system. There is no time to lose.


  • He has separated young children from their parents at the Mexican border and even ordered that many be put into cages. The children are denied what is needed for a lifelong sense of security: love, tenderness and compassion from their parents. These children face lives with a sense of abandonment.


  • Trump has cancelled the nuclear arms agreement with Iran. This will allow the possibility that Iran may move ahead to create nuclear weapons.


  • He has moved ahead with construction of the border wall with Mexico, using funds from the military budget. Wouldn’t these funds be better used for humane purposes? Will the wall serve any purpose?


  • Trump has ordered the installation of razor wire and knife-like blades on the wall. Many people will be injured in their attempts to climb the wall.


  • He has declared the collecting of large tariffs on foreign imports such as Chinese steel and aluminum. These products will not be able to compete on an open market.


  • In many other ways, Trump has shown that his way of “making America great again” will lead to all kinds of disasters.


More disturbing is the reality that President Trump has ordered all these controversial moves without consulting Congress!


Doesn’t our democracy require that the US citizens through the US Congress make important decisions? Are we moving closer to a one-man-rule government?