What have you heard about Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025?

What have you heard about Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025?

Some wonderful talking points from our friends at FAIR MAPS.

  • It was written by a consortium of the most extreme MAGA organizations and advisors – election deniers and Jan 6 supporters. It is not the Heritage Foundation or the GOP you once believed in.


  • The people who supported project 2025 are the same people who supported the January 6th insurrection.


  • The Heritage Foundation spent $22 million to prepare this authoritarian plan and although the personnel hiring process has already begun, the full plan will take effect on Day One.


Why does Project 2025 focus initially on vetting personnel – firing 50,000 protected civil servants and replacing them with Trump hacks and a patronage system?


  • Trump wants to immediately seize control of government personnel by claiming he has “the right to do whatever as president” on Day One.


➢ On Day One, the 50,000 non-political employees will be fired and replaced the same day with pre-vetted loyalist cronies whose main qualification is they believe the 2020 election was stolen.


➢ An “immediate priority” of Project 2025 is to invoke the Insurrection Act to deploy the military for domestic law enforcement on Day One. Attorney Jeffrey Clark, indicted in the GA election fraud case, led this effort.


➢ Separately, Trump has said he will be a Dictator on Day One.

We can live by the laws of our American democracy, or we can live by the whims of Trump and his autocratic domination.