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We the People of Planet Earth, in Order to form a more perfect World Unity, establish Universal Justice, insure Global Tranquility, provide for the peaceful common defense, promote the general and Universal Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty and ongoing Operational Planetary Integrity to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for Spaceship Planet Earth.

Article I

Hereafter and henceforth, the ongoing operational integrity of Planet Earth shall be central to all human decisions and actions. We have but one Spaceship Earth to carry us forward on our Cosmic Journey. We travel to places unknown. There are no lifeboats – there is no one to save us. If the Life supporting functionality of Spaceship Earth is lost, humans will no longer be part of the Cosmic Plan.

  • The use of fossil fuels in energy production shall be phased out as expeditiously as possible.
  • Externalities shall be included in the price of all existing and future products. As examples:

A. The price of a non-government subsidized gallon of gasoline at the pump and associated

planetary overheating and pollution shall include but not be limited to: the loss of fisheries

and marine life due to ocean warming, the reconstruction of coastal cities around the

planet due to the increased frequency and magnitude of hurricanes, the relocation and

reconstruction of coastal cities due to flooding caused by melting Arctic and Antarctic ice,

ocean cleanup due to offshore oil spills, the treatment of polluted groundwater from

fracking chemicals and pipeline leaks, the treatment of polluted rivers from dangerous

runoff, the treatment of hazardous wastes, required landfills, the loss of agricultural crops,

the loss of biodiversity, increase draught and wildfire destruction of homes and critical

habitat, and increased medical treatment due to air and water pollution. The true price of

gasoline when costs are not hidden in publicly funded subsidies and externalities is

estimated to range between $15 and $17 per gallon. We pay this in taxes etc.


B. The price of kilowatt hour of coal generated electricity shall include the externalities

associated with gasoline plus the restoration of communities destroyed by mountaintop


  • The alternative energies of wind, solar, tidal, low impact hydro, geothermal, etc., now fully developed and ready for deployment, shall phase out fossil fuels as expeditiously as possible. True costs, including externalities, are far below fossil fuels, and these alternatives represent the single greatest step humanity can take in reducing the overheating of Spaceship Earth.
  • All warring and weapons development, especially nuclear, shall be ended. The operational integrity of Spaceship Earth is at stake. Additionally, the vast expenditure of Spaceship Earth’s material, energy, and intellect in developing ever more ways of killing one another prevents those same resources from being used to support human life. Inadequacies are thus created.

Article II

All passengers present and future aboard Spaceship Earth shall be well provided for. It is now scientifically demonstrable that there is adequate wealth (Wealth = (Matter +Energy) X Human Knowledge ) to make this a reality. Through the endeavors of the millions who have gone before, the Human Knowledge component of the wealth equation has reached this required level.

Critical definitions:

Wealth. Wealth is the human knowledge enabling utilization of Planet Earth’s material and energy resources in support of ongoing human life, biodiversity, and operational planetary integrity. Wealth is subject to the incorruptible laws of physics and the enlightened, caring, human intellect.

Money. Money is a medium of exchange for wealth. It is not wealth, but a societally accepted claim to wealth. Though a necessary component of any functioning economy, money is infinitely corruptible. This is readily apparent when the forces of greed and sociopathic power acquisition use fraud and corruption to transfer grossly inequitable percentages of the money to the oligarchic, plutocratic few. Money thus concentrated invariably leads to the use of war and planetary devastation as the oligarchic, plutocratic few seek to maintain their destructive, privileged status.

  • The resources of Planet Earth belong to the People of Planet Earth. This is not a game of one-upmanship, winner takes all, or survival of the fittest. This is a spaceship. Sociopathic, ideological thinking and behavior endanger the ship and all of its passengers.
  • Banking shall be a public function. Nations, not a private, predatory, banking cartel, shall create Planet Earth’s monies and currencies. The fraudulent, corrupt, and parasitic creation of indebtedness by the world’s private banking cartel paralyzes humanity’s efforts to actualize our true and abundantly adequate physical wealth. Financial manipulation creates no wealth.
  • A Universal Guaranteed Basic Income and Health Care are the right of, and shall be provided for, all passengers aboard Spaceship Earth. Jobs and employment ebb and flow with the growth of technology (human knowledge). No one shall be left without income and healthcare because humanity has found a more adequate or automated method of producing needed products (thus increasing wealth) aboard Spaceship Earth.
  • Colonialism of any sort shall end. Diversity and regional differences shall be cherished. The integrated, healthy functioning of all components of the ship is critical to ongoing planetary integrity.
  • Flawed economic models based on antiquated, ideological thinking, must be put to rest. This is a ship. Advantaging any of its components at the expense of others senselessly endangers us all.

“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.” – – R. Buckminster Fuller

Part XXIII will discuss: Pie in the Sky??