Stepping off the bus and heading to State Street will be a memory forever embedded in me. We were at least 75,000 strong. It’s not just about the rights of Women. It is about everyone out there that is marginalized in some way or form. It is about color, it is how we identify sexually. It is about HUMAN RIGHTS.

After hearing about the March in Washington D.C., the idea spread quickly to other major cities. When I heard Madison would be having a march, I knew I would be there. When I spoke of it, people wanted to carpool. There are only so many seats in my car! Two weeks before Christmas, amidst all the holiday flurry, I was calling for bus quotes.

With the bus paid up front, I now had the task of filling 55 seats on that bus. I brought this up with Rev. Laurie Bushbaum from the Universalist Unitarian who was delighted and optimistic about filling the seats. We not only filled our bus but sent approximately 20 names to a group in Medford that would make arrangements to stop in Wausau. Momentum was growing. A co-worker contacted me that they would do a rally in Wausau. With time constraints on permitting, they wouldn’t be able to march. Nonetheless, there was representation in Wausau.

I stood on the steps of our state Capitol, listening to speakers. So many groups bonding as one. I realize, this is nothing new. The fight has always been here. For us to stop now would be a great disservice to those who went before us fighting for what we do have. While there were so many great signs, the one that stood out to me was held by an elderly lady being pushed in a wheel chair. Her sign read, “I am 90 years old and I still have to fight for Women’s rights. Sad.” It is sad to think that my daughter and those of her generation will have less reproductive rights than I grew up with. It not only makes me sad, it makes me very angry.

Let’s channel that anger and turn it into resistance. I will resist them taking away HUMAN RIGHTS.

As the days pass, I find myself checking my own bias. We all have them. We all have that bit of racism in us in some form. When we address that in ourselves, we can begin to have those tough conversations. I know that I will never be complacent. I will fight. Whichever group you find yourself resonating with, may you also lift everyone else up too.