We Are in This Together

Are you going to do anything about toxic open-pit metallic mining coming to this area?

Because of the repeal of the “Prove It First” mining law in 2017, foreign-owned mining companies are planning to develop open-pit mining in Northern Wisconsin starting at the Wausau-Reef and Medford-Bend deposits. Plans also call for developing mining in the Headwaters of the Wolf River in Oneida County near Crandon. It was just announced that exploration drilling is to start immediately. The drilling involves the use of toxic drilling fluids that will be emitted into the water aquifer where you get your drinking water from. Are you going to allow this?

Mining companies and politicians are “green washing” these extraction projects by claiming the minerals are needed to transition to the new clean energy “green” economy. However, they are targeting gold and copper. Gold is not needed in the transition and copper is more economically obtained by recycling. This is a false excuse to extract wealth from the region while irreparably damaging your water and land – forever.

We can’t count on the politicians that represent the area because they are the ones who voted for the laws that the foreign companies are now exploiting. These politicians are still in office and promoting mining development. Any effort to stop metallic mining will come from the residents of the area. It is time to work with your neighbors and form a strategy to respond to these plans. Contact news reporters and write letters to the editor of local media networks. Contact government authorities (DNR, DHS, U.S. Forest Service) with your questions and concerns.

If the investors the mining development companies are courting see that the citizens of the region are going to fight to protect their clean drinking water, health, and property value, they will think twice about investing in the get-rich schemes the developers are pitching. If a large enough effort is made to deter the investors from investing, it may be enough to stop the drilling. This has happened in other parts of America. If you do nothing you are going to get whatever the mining companies have in store for you. The mining companies and politicians are counting on you being an unconcerned powerless pushover. If this isn’t you then the time to act is right now!

Are you going to let a company ruin your environment and leave with the profits?

Please join us at the Environmental Resources Committee meeting at 3 PM on Tuesday, August 2. Green Light Metals will be having a presentation. We are a stronger force together and must show that there is no social license in Marathon County.

https://www.co.marathon.wi.us/Portals/0/Departments/MCB/Archives/Standing Committees/Environmental Resources Committee/2022/ENVR_20220802_Agenda.pdf