Voices for Palestine

In this time of, again, great turmoil in the Middle East, we look to those who have the knowledge and the wisdom to share with us so that we too may begin to try to make sense of the recent violence and loss of life in southern Israel and Gaza. We were so fortunate to present an informed discussion at UU Wausau this month.

Dr. Edgar Francis shared with our audience the historical perspective on the Middle East. For those of us trying to learn more and understand that history, Dr. Francis has taught Middle Eastern History at UWSP for sixteen years, including teaching an upper-level class on the Arab-Israeli Conflict. The timeline Dr. Francis shared was priceless for learning how the recent events unfolded.

Carolyn Michalski and Claudette Harring have done several other presentations on Palestine and again have shared their vision for peace and many personal and heartfelt humanitarian concerns and efforts from their trip to the Middle East. Claudette’s place of worship is also involved with food coop efforts for selling olive oil from Palestine.

The evening was rounded out with the perspectives of two people from the Middle East with firsthand knowledge of the genocide and oppression they have experienced. They spoke of the generational trauma that ensues.

The goal is to grow in our understanding and to build relationships. De-escalation is key and the role the U.S. should have in this.