True Patriots

My DNA tracks through generations of true PATRIOTS that have proven the test of time.

It is their “rally call” that is deeply felt within my being that I write about the current state

of our democratic government and the immediate need to save our democracy for all.

Since I was “knee high to a grasshopper” I recall my elders’ wisdom that was shared at family reunions, special achievement events and religious gatherings.  Frequently saying to me that I should remember where I came from and why we were here.  One of their reminders was, “Always

remember the importance of keeping a separation of church and state.” They would tell

how it came to be that our ancestors had escaped tyrants who had taken over their church.

Those tyrants, wearing their excesses in their religious garb, had issued edicts that were grossly unfair to the common people often resulting in death unless the masses bowed down to them. They were so addicted to avarice they would kill the people they were called upon to serve.  My Patriots came to this land, befriended the indigenous people, fought and died in the Revolutionary War and every war since so that we could all live in our hard fought for democracy.

Now it is time for me and true Patriots here in our country to “walk the talk” and show what that really means before all that our Patriots fought for falls to those who believe in an autocracy where dictators rule at their whim as the masses are silenced or killed.  We see what that has done when a dictator takes control in other countries and destroys citizens’ human rights with lies and criminal propaganda for the whole world to see.  This raw abuse of power can quickly take over people of other countries.

A true Patriot of democracy supports common people – beyond the superrich who often mirror the

oppression of the tyrants my ancestors escaped from. Patriots believe in always telling the truth and recognize the words and acts of sedition and tyranny. Patriots support peoples’ laws and participate in representative government that was established through our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Patriots respect our land, air and water for all people and recognize the importance of the climate system. Hard fought voting rights, the Civil Rights Act, National Labor Law, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid (the peoples’ insurance for elders, vets and handicapped that we all have paid for) have been achieved through the relentless hard work of true Patriots.

It is time to recognize that the best of us, the true Patriots among us, are not the actors of the rich and famous.  True Patriots don’t lie to get their way – with the purpose of draining hard earned

tax money for their addictions to avarice.  Patriots support the needs of the common good.  True Patriots are often not heard of because they are working relentlessly to support all citizens in their nonpolitical work for justice and democracy.  They are the people we need to elect to govern – not the actors revealed in expensive commercials that have been hired to destroy what we and our true Patriots have worked so hard to preserve for future generations.  We must recognize true Patriots and elect them before all that has been fought for is destroyed.

It is incumbent upon us all to do the hard work of true Patriots, and not be influenced by labels, bandwagon politics or single word issues of those who abuse and destroy the very foundations of our democracy. We must all take the reins of democracy now with the support and realization of how important is to vote for and support true PATRIOTS!