Thomas Street Design Input Due to City By December 5

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Please take just a few minutes of your day today to provide the City of Wausau with your input on the 30% Design Plan for Phase II of the Thomas Street Project.  It impacts a neighborhood and community, and your opinion makes a difference!

The local media has recently touched on an array of issues with the project’s design, including the demolition of blocks of affordable housing including a low-income apartment complex. The planned medians will make it difficult for neighborhood and city residents to even enter and exit homes and businesses. All of this will require a heavy community and financial cost (leverages TIF funds with anticipated future development including TIF subsidies and developer incentives). See the Wausau Pilot article below for a summary of the design and public information meeting the City held.

The City will also review an access request for private testing of the surface soils for dioxins in the Thomas Street neighborhood on Wednesday, December 6.

The map of the design and plan can be found here (purple dots indicate acquisitions/demolitions):

The comment form from the City is here:

The quickest and easiest way to give your input is to send an email to the Public Works Director, Mr. Eric Lindman. He will include the comments in the packet for review — due by December 5. Email your input to:


From the Media:

Thomas Street plan met with questions, debate